Training for the Uphill Athlete

Training for the Uphill Athlete

Steve House











Dovetailing on the success of Training for the New Alpinism and Patagonia’s own emphasis on all mountain use, Training for the Uphill Athlete translates theory into methodology to allow you to write your own training plans and coach yourself to endurance goals.

Steve House, one of the best mountaineers, and his coach Scott Johnston, an Olympic-level cross country ski coach, along with Kilian Jornet, hands-down best endurance athlete at this time, present training principles for the multisport mountain athlete who regularly participates in a mix of distance running, ski mountaineering, and other endurance sports that require optimum fitness and customized strength.

This is an authoritative but accessible training manual for athletes and coaches who feel most alive in the mountains or pushing the uphill ascent. Distance running, ski mountaineering, skimo, and skyrunning are becoming increasingly popular all over the world, and are often undertaken by the same person during a single year. This book collects the scientifically backed and athlete-tested wisdom and experience of three of the best uphill athletes and coaches and extrapolates both to educate outdoor athletes of all stripes to perform their best. The book includes the same mix of theory, application, and experiential essays from experts in the field, as well as instructional illustrations as in Training for the New Alpinism. Contributions by Kilian Jornet increase the worldwide appeal of the book.

Steve House is a world renowned climber, mountain guide, and Patagonia Ambassador, widely regarded for his light-and-fast style. He has published articles in a number of periodicals, and he is the author of Beyond the Mountain (Patagonia Books, 2009). He lives in Ridgway, CO.

Scott Johnston, who grew up in Boulder, CO, has ski raced on a national and international level and is ...

一天一百页火速看完… 写的很好尤其是解释physiology basis的section 1,所有endurance运动都可以参考。takeaway: 80% AeT以下(zone 1/2,有点反直觉,也是一种slow is fast哲学),6-8% AeT 和 LT 之间(zone 3),12-14% LT以上(zone 4/5)
干货多,专门写uphill耐力运动的。 不过同时也挺啰嗦的,可以压缩至少1/3的篇幅。K天王在里面客串写了一些notes.
山地耐力运动训练的理论基础,目标制定,计划制定。适合长距离越野跑,越野滑雪运动员训练以及教练。穿插了一些优秀运动员的短文。很多内容来自于Kilian Jornet的合作。