Journey of Souls

Journey of Souls

Michael Newton









Learn the latest details and most recent groundbreaking discoveries that reveal, for the first time, the mystery of life in the spirit world after death on Earth—proof that our consciousness survives—in Journey of Souls by Michael Newton, Ph.D.

Using a special hypnosis technique to reach the hidden memories of subjects, Dr. Newton discovered some amazing insights into what happens to us between lives. Journey of Souls is the record of 29 people who recalled their experiences between physical deaths. Through their extraordinary stories, you will learn specifics about:

·How it feels to die

·What you see and feel right after death

·The truth about "spiritual guides"

·What happens to "disturbed" souls

·Why you are assigned to certain soul groups in the spirit world and what you do there

· How you choose another body to return to Earth

·The different levels of souls: beginning, intermediate, and advanced

·When and where you first learn to recognize soulmates on Earth

·The purpose of life

Journey of Souls is a graphic record or "travel log" by these people of what happens between lives on Earth. They give specific details as they movingly describe their astounding experiences.

After reading Journey of Souls, you will gain a better understanding of the immortality of the human soul. You will meet day-to-day challenges with a greater sense of purpose. You will begin to understand the reasons behind events in your own life.

Journey of Souls is a life-changing book. Already, over 165,000 people have taken Journey of Souls to heart, giving them hope in trying times. You should read a copy, too.

迈克尔•纽顿(Michael Newton),咨询心理学博士,美国认证催眠治疗大师,美国咨询协会会员。他有四十余年心理学执教和临床咨询经验,开发了独特的年代回溯技术和探索灵魂世界的研究方案,被认为是揭开灵魂生活之谜的先驱。他能有效地引导催眠中的患者越过前世记忆,进入生命轮回的灵魂经历。1998年,由于在身、心、灵协调方面的“最独特贡献”,他获得精神催眠治疗师国家协会颁发的年度大奖。他还因多年的临床灵魂记忆研究、死后宇宙论等方面的发现而享誉世界。他建立了迈克尔•纽顿转世轮回催眠治疗学院,招收和培训了一大批优秀的转世轮回催眠师。


There is no heaven or hell, the journey is eternal and immortal, as the soul. Thanks to the host we are having now.
Quite a journey