Never Finished

Never Finished

David Goggins









This is not a self-help book. It’s a wake-up call!

Can’t Hurt Me, David Goggins’ smash hit memoir, demonstrated how much untapped ability we all have but was merely an introduction to the power of the mind. In Never Finished, Goggins takes you inside his Mental Lab, where he developed the philosophy, psychology, and strategies that enabled him to learn that what he thought was his limit was only his beginning and that the quest for greatness is unending.

The stories and lessons in this raw, revealing, unflinching memoir offer the reader a blueprint they can use to climb from the bottom of the barrel into a whole new stratosphere that once seemed unattainable. Whether you feel off-course in life, are looking to maximize your potential or drain your soul to break through your so-called glass ceiling, this is the only book you will ever need.

David Goggins is a Retired Navy SEAL and the only member of the U.S. Armed Forces to complete SEAL training, Army Ranger School, and Air Force Tactical Air Controller training. Goggins has completed more than seventy ultra-distance races, often placing in the top five, and is a former Guinness World Record holder for completing 4,030 pull-ups in seventeen hours. A sought-after ...

这本书真的是及时雨 继两年前can't hurt me让我成为一个勇于自我挑战的人之后,曾经的拉伸区最终变成了舒适区 人类寻求安逸的本性又逐渐的浮现出来。这本书正是一个绝佳的提醒:不管在什么时候,人生总有另外一个需要攀登的高峰。Never finished and stay hard! PS一定要听有声书,里面有额外好几个小时的精华访谈
Classic Goggins.They are simply your first, second, third, or tenth attempt. Try one more time.