The Coder's Path to Wealth and Independence

The Coder's Path to Wealth and Independence

Mark Beckner









Developers, programmers, technical architects, and consultants: You are highly skilled and have deep commitment to your craft as well as the motivation to excel. It’s time to step away from the perceived security of a full-time salaried position, or a marginally successful solo business, and step into a world of freedom, independence, and wealth. With your current technical skills, and an open mind, you can rapidly build a highly successful and ethical business—and on your own terms.

The Coder's Path to Wealth and Independence explains how. Mark Beckner, himself, a highly successful itinerant developer, shows you how to transform yourself from a skilled programmer into a highly creative and effective businessperson leveraging the skills you already have. You will learn to create opportunities where none have existed, create value for yourself and those you work with, substantially increase your income, define your ideals, and realize your dreams. By utilizing the unique strategies outlined in The Coder's Path to Wealth and Independence to build your practice, you will find your path to personal, professional, and financial prosperity.

The Coder's Path to Wealth and Independence will show you how to:

Work from wherever you want Use your technical skills to create a high-revenue, highly independent businessLearn the skills of the "rainmaker" to acquire new projects and clientsOperate under various fee models, allowing you to increase your wealth and your freedomRapidly create proposals and contractsManage projects and execute on your goals with greater skill than ever

In short, this book will help you discover a variety of powerful and unique approaches to business that will allow you be highly successful—where, how, and whenever you want.

What you’ll learn

How to take your technical skills and create a high revenue, highly independent business based on themHow to work from wherever you want, and stay in constant motion, on your terms How to create opportunities through unique approaches to client acquisition and advertisingHow to focus on self-mastery and discipline in order to create a thriving practiceHow to implement a powerful business model, tailored to solo developers and technical consultants, that enables you to work when, where, and how you want

Who this book is for

Coders, architects, and technical consultants, and anyone in the world of technology all have the core skills required to follow this path to freedom and riches. This is a guide targeted at people who want to create and grow thriving and rewarding solo, technically focused practices.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Travel: The Power of Staying in Motion

Chapter 2: Skills: The Nature of Programming and Business

Chapter 3: Discipline and Education: The Importance of Continuous Improvement

Chapter 4: Ethics: The Foundation of Relationships and Business

Chapter 5: Structuring Your Business: Protecting Yourself

Chapter 6: Advertising and Marketing: The Science of Lead Creation

Chapter 7: Prospecting and Sales: The Art of Rainmaking

Chapter 8: Proposals and Contracts: Trust, Flexibility and Simplicity

Chapter 9: Fees and Income: Creating a High Dollar Revenue Stream

Chapter 10: Goal Setting: The Engine Behind Your Success

Chapter 11: Growth and Expansion: Handling Success

Chapter 12: Investing in Your Business and Utilizing Wealth: The Abundance Mentality

Chapter 13: Health: Personal Vitality and the Impact on Your Business

Chapter 14: Freedom through Business: Wealth, Dreams, and Independence

About the Author

strongMark Beckner/strong is a technical consultant specializing in business development and enterprise application integration. He runs his own consulting firm, Inotek Consulting Group, LLC, delivering innovative solutions to large corporations and small businesses. His projects have included engagements with numerous clients throughout the U.S., and range in ...