David Mamet's "Oleanna"

David Mamet's "Oleanna"

Sauer, David










This book presents an accessible, informative and critical introduction to Mamet's modern college classic, "Oleanna". David Mamet is widely considered the voice of contemporary American Theatre. His use of what is taken to be realistic language together with minimalist staging creates a postmodern combination which simultaneously pushes an audience in conflicting directions. The result is that initial audiences for "Oleanna" were aroused to applaud and loudly react to the ending of the play when a male teacher beats a female student. The issues the play raises about political correctness are turned on their head."Oleanna" is a particularly complex play in terms of both form and content and this guide offers a theoretically informed introductory analysis. It provides students with a comprehensive critical introduction to the play and includes new interpretations of the play text in light of Mamet's recent playwriting developments and the intervening shifts in the political landscape."Continuum Modern Theatre Guides" offer concise, accessible and informed introductions to the key plays of modern times. Each book is carefully structured to offer a systematic study of the play in its biographical, historical, social and political context, an in-depth study of the text, an overview of the work's production history including screen adaptations, and practical workshopping exercises. They also include a timeline and suggestions for further reading which highlight key critical approaches. This will enable students to develop their understanding of playwrights and theatre-makers, as well as inspiring them to broaden their studies.