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Shrill is an uproarious memoir, a feminist rallying cry in a world that thinks gender politics are tedious and that women, especially feminists, can't be funny.

Coming of age in a culture that demands women be as small, quiet, and compliant as possible--like a porcelain dove that will also have sex with you--writer and humorist Lindy West quickly discovered that she was anything but.

From a painfully shy childhood in which she tried, unsuccessfully, to hide her big body and even bigger opinions; to her public war with stand-up comedians over rape jokes; to her struggle to convince herself, and then the world, that fat people have value; to her accidental activism and never-ending battle royale with Internet trolls, Lindy narrates her life with a blend of humor and pathos that manages to make a trip to the abortion clinic funny and wring tears out of a story about diarrhea.

With inimitable good humor, vulnerability, and boundless charm, Lindy boldly shares how to survive in a world where not all stories are created equal and not all bodies are treated with equal respect, and how to weather hatred, loneliness, harassment, and loss, and walk away laughing. Shrill provocatively dissects what it means to become self-aware the hard way, to go from wanting to be silent and invisible to earning a living defending the silenced in all caps.

Lindy West is a Seattle-based writer, editor, and performer whose work focuses on pop culture, social justice, humor, and body image. She's currently a culture writer for GQ magazine and and a weekly columnist at The Guardian, as well as the founder and editor of I Believe You | It's Not Your Fault, an advice blog for teens. In 2015 she wrote and recorded a story for Thi...

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读的日译版,『わたしの体に呪いをかけるな』,非常喜欢这个译名以及日版大红背景、叉着腰一脸“少对我指手画脚”的女主的卡通封面(不过日网也有人抗议这个封面是ジェンダーバイアス)。看标题以为本书着重于如何消解身材焦虑,读完才发现是作者的精神成长史:自小体型带来的困扰和自我和解、喜剧界对女性的隐性歧视与排斥、rape joke、直面sns黑子的恶意,还浅谈了社会大环境对堕胎与生理的看法。作者尖锐地指出了女性直面的许多问题,笔调却相对轻松诙谐,读起来也不觉得无聊沉重。其实倒也不必对一部随笔集如此苛刻,一定要从里面挖掘点让女性醍醐灌顶的东西。也有关于爱情家人生死的思考,当作普通的杂文看也很不错。
Finished half. If you are already a mature woman with confidence, this book is just boring... It could be quite inspiring if you are still a student..
女权的理必须要讲 不过这本书的路线不是很有共鸣 是否应当反省 世间真的许多站着说话肾不疼的键盘侠就是了!
straightforward and honest.