The Luminaries

The Luminaries

Eleanor Catton







From the acclaimed author of The Rehearsal comes a novel about a young woman on trial for murder in nineteenth-century New Zealand.

On a blustery January day, a prostitute is arrested. In the midst of the 1866 gold rush on the coast of New Zealand, this might have gone unnoticed. But three notable events occur on that same day: a luckless drunk dies, a wealthy man vanishes, and a ship's captain of ill repute cancels all of his business and weighs anchor, as if making an escape. Anna Wetherell, the prostitute in question, is connected to all three men.

This sequence of apparently coincidental events provokes a secret council of powerful townsmen to investigate. But they are interrupted by the arrival of a stranger: young Walter Moody, who has a secret of his own...

THE LUMINARIES is an intricately crafted feat of storytelling, a mystery that reveals the ways our interconnected lives reshape our destinies.

Winner of the 2013 Man Booker Prize

Born in Canada and raised in New Zealand, Eleanor Catton, 27, completed an MA in Creative Writing at Victoria University in 2007 and won the Adam Prize in Creative Writing for her first novel, The Rehearsal, which was also long-listed for the Orange Prize and short-listed for the Dylan Thomas Prize. She studied at the Iowa Writers' Workshop as the recipient of the 2008 Glenn Sc...

胜在严密的结构 把13个人的故事都交代得很清楚 可惜最后还是有一些坑没有填上
Borrow history in UESTC, No. 27.
“Love cannot be reduced to a catalogue of reasons why, and a catalogue of reasons cannot be put together into love.”
可读性很强,Page turner,但以畅销剧情类的标准,太长太绕;以严肃文学的标准,缺乏内核;模仿19世纪文风,越往后写得越稀松。怎么得奖的?
A click-on sparkle leads me to her. And I cant get rid of any stellar or planetary luring..Finish reading and feel so much worth it! early morning on 20/11/2013
Only took like 7 years, 3 tries, a lockdown and a broken ankle lol.
完全没有必要这么写这么多页, 但是书封太好看了