Beyond Hofstede

Beyond Hofstede

Nakata, Cheryl 编









Almost thirty years ago, Geert Hofstede introduced a culture paradigm that has been widely influential, and formed the dominant understanding of culture, in international business. However, questions have been raised about the paradigm's relevance in light of culture's increasing fluidity and complexity stemming from globalization. This book attempts to go beyond Hofstede by presenting alternative culture frameworks and perspectives from leading scholars in global marketing and management. Fresh, contemporary ideas about culture are offered to help international business researchers and managers navigate the varied terrains of countries, regions, and the world. These ideas issue from studies that probe the nature and ramifications of culture for the marketing of goods and services worldwide as well as the management of transnational enterprises. Readers will find in the book rich, diverse insights that apply to global businesses, where cultural understanding is no longer an option but a necessity.

CHERYL NAKATA is Associate Professor of Marketing and International Business at the University of Illinois at Chicago, USA. This book is motivated by her interest in cultural understanding for businesses. Her award-winning research has appeared in leading journals and books. She was a marketing research manager in and consultant to Fortune 500 companies.

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