Digital Twin Driven Smart Manufacturing

Digital Twin Driven Smart Manufacturing










Digital Twin Driven Smart Manufacturing examines the background, latest research, and application models for digital twin technology, and shows how it can be central to a smart manufacturing process. The interest in digital twin in manufacturing is driven by a need for excellent product reliability, and an overall trend towards intelligent, and connected manufacturing systems. This book provides an ideal entry point to this subject for readers in industry and academia, as it answers the questions: (a) What is a digital twin? (b) How to construct a digital twin? (c) How to use a digital twin to improve manufacturing efficiency? (d) What are the essential activities in the implementation of a digital twin? (e) What are the most important obstacles to overcome for the successful deployment of a digital twin? (f) What are the relations between digital twin and New Technologies? (g) How to combine digital twin with the New Technologies to achieve high efficiency and smartness in manufacturing? This book focuses on these problems as it aims to help readers make the best use of digital twin technology towards smart manufacturing. Analyzes the differences, synergies and possibilities for integration between digital twin technology and other technologies, such as big data, service and Internet of ThingsDiscuss new requirements for a traditional three-dimension digital twin and proposes a methodology for a five-dimension versionInvestigates new models for optimized manufacturing, prognostics and health management, and cyber-physical fusion based on the digital twin