In the Night Kitchen

In the Night Kitchen

Maurice Sendak









A young boy named Mickey sleeps in his bed when he is disturbed by noise on a lower floor. Suddenly, he begins to float, and loses all of his clothes as he drifts into a surreal world called the "Night Kitchen".

He falls naked into a giant mixing pot that contains the batter for the "morning cake". While Mickey is buried in the mass, three identical bakers (who closely resemble Oliver Hardy) mix the batter and prepare it for baking, unaware (or unconcerned) that there is a little boy inside. Just before the baking pan is placed into the oven, the boy emerges from the pan, protesting that he is not the batter's milk.

To make up for the baking ingredient deficiency, Mickey (now covered in batter from the neck down) constructs an airplane out of bread dough so he can use the measuring cup as a hat and fly to the mouth of a gigantic milk bottle. Upon reaching the bottle's opening, he dives in and briefly revels in the liquid. After his covering of batter disintegrates, making him naked again, he pours the needed milk in a cascade down to the bakers who joyfully finish making their morning cake.

With dawn breaking, the naked Mickey crows like a rooster and slides down the side of the bottle, back into his bed, where he is magically clothed again, "cake free and dried".

Maurice Bernard Sendak (June 10, 1928 – May 8, 2012) was an American illustrator and writer of children's books. He became widely known for his book Where the Wild Things Are, first published in 1963. Born to Jewish-Polish parents, his childhood was affected by the death of many of his family members during the Holocaust. Sendak also wrote works such as In the Night Kitchen, Ou...

2018.12.06 大人的绘本 13 1939年,sunshine baker(阳光面包店)推出了一则广告词:“当你睡着时,我们正在烤面包!”(we bake while you sleep)小桑达克曾经为此伤心了好一阵子,因为他很想半夜不睡觉,好溜到面包店的厨房一探究竟。他只要想到折价卷上的三名胖厨师,趁着他熟睡的时候在厨房做着神奇的事,就觉得这对他是既残酷又过分的对待。桑达克想要透过创作,解除曾经困扰他的童年魔咒。他说:“我要让他们知道,我已经到了可以半夜不睡觉的年纪,我也已经晓得半夜的厨房,到底发生了生么事。”事实上,莫里斯·桑达克的故事,始终讲述那唯一的主题:“何谓一个真正的小孩”?(类比于安徒生的《豌豆公主》——何谓真正的公主?)
是小时候周末夜晚会做的梦了 现在也是
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因为naked boy被审查被烧掉的绘本。 Morning cake是如何诞生的。 喜欢皱皱巴巴小飞机。