Truth & Beauty

Truth & Beauty

Ann Patchett











What happens when the person who is your family is someone you aren't bound to by blood? What happens when the person you promise to love and to honor for the rest of your life is not your lover, but your best friend? In Truth & Beauty, her frank and startlingly intimate first work of nonfiction, Ann Patchett shines a fresh, revealing light on the world of women's friendships and shows us what it means to stand together. Ann Patchett and Lucy Grealy met in college in 1981, and, after enrolling in the Iowa Writers' Workshop, began a friendship that would be as defining to both of their lives as their work was. In her critically acclaimed and hugely successful memoir, Autobiography of a Face, Lucy Grealy wrote about losing part of her jaw to childhood cancer, the years of chemotherapy and radiation, and then the endless reconstructive surgeries. In Truth & Beauty, the story isn't Lucy's life or Ann's life, but the parts of their lives they shared. This is a portrait of unwavering commitment that spans twenty years, from the long, cold winters of the Midwest, to surgical wards, to book parties in New York. Through love, fame, drugs, and despair, this book shows us what it means to be part of two lives that are intertwined. This is a tender, brutal book about loving a person we cannot save. It is about loyalty, and about being lifted up by the sheer effervescence of someone who knew how to live life to the fullest.

在纸上回忆一位已逝的故人 盖棺定论的调调太明显了 就书中的描述 我实在是看不到这份友谊捱得长久的原因
Gave me all the feels, made my heart dance, and weighty. Always drawn by those w/ an intimate relationship with death. So many times I think, there’s no way I could stand a narcissistic, selfish, demanding friend like Lucy. Then that’s why I don’t deserve a friendship like theirs. They gave each other more than you and I could ever ask for.
My favorite non-fiction book of all time. I wept. This book will set your heart aflutter.